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Andar Bahar King

Andar Bahar King is a casino game that was originally aimed at gamers from India. Let’s take King567 Casino as an example, where the latest version of Andar Bahar is available. It started its activities back in 2010. Immediately after its creation, the platform received a licence that gives the right to carry out activities in the field of gambling entertainment. On the casino site there are many different games – slot machines, roulette, card games and so on. All software is produced by licensed providers. A special place in the range of gambling entertainment is the game Andar Bahar.

Game description Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple card game using a single deck. It pits the player against the dealer. In India, this game is also called “Katti”. This is an ancient pastime, which has become widespread in this country. Though the game is simple, it is quite addictive. At one point of time the interest in Andar Bahar started to wane, but in recent times it has flared up with renewed vigour. The revival of the popularity of this ancient entertainment was largely facilitated by the emergence of online casinos, in particular, King567.

According to the rules, the dealer puts the Joker on the table. He lays it out in the open. After that, he continues to lay the cards, now on Andar and Bahar. These cards are also laid out in the open. The game ends when the card corresponding to the Joker’s value is finally laid out. This card can be revealed on either Andar or Bahar. Before the game begins, the player has to bet on which side the card corresponding to the Joker will be placed.

When the game starts, the dealer shuffles the deck and divides it in half. Then he draws the Joker, which will be the bottom card of the deck. The player’s task is to decide whether to bet on Andar or Bahar. Also, before starting the round, he should decide on the size of the bet. For one game the gamer makes 2 bets, in addition, there is one additional bet. In the game wins the card whose value is equal to the value of the Joker, suit does not matter.

If after dealing the first card does not match the Joker, the game will continue and the dealer will offer to make a second bet. Players can refuse the second bet, or they can make it and also make an additional bet.

King567 is the best casino for Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar King online

For those who are looking for a casino where they will be most comfortable playing Andar Bahar, King567 will be just the perfect choice. This online portal offers a digital version of this fascinating game, which has its roots deep in the traditions of the Hindus. The combination of ancient traditions and modern elements creates a special effect.

And here is why you should choose King567 to play Andar Bahar:

  • Honest dealers who are true professionals work here.
  • There are tables with different stakes available. If you prefer to make small bets – please, you can do it, fans of betting big are always very welcome here too.
  • The site has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Even an unsophisticated user will quickly be able to find the section he needs.
  • Those who want to make the process of playing even more exciting can play with live dealers. You can play live with professional dealers as well as with other players.

The administration of King567 applies a generous bonus policy. Having received a bonus, you can play any game presented on the service with it.

  • Contests are often held here, for the victory in which you can get a very good cash reward.
  • The site has a mobile version, adapted to almost all devices. In addition, you can download an application that will give you the opportunity to use the site anywhere and at any time, even if the main site is unavailable.
  • This casino pays paramount attention to the safety of personal data of users. A modern digital encryption system is used here. Deposits of users are also under reliable protection.

King567 invites its users to make a fascinating gambling journey to the country of Andar Bahar. Immersing yourself in this game, you will experience the uniqueness of the combination of tradition and innovation. Everyone will like it here – both experienced gamers and those who are just taking their first steps in the world of gambling.

Distinctive features of Andar Bahar King

Andar Bahar King site

Andar Bahar stands out positively from other card games due to a number of its features. Many experienced players are simply fascinated by this game. There are several reasons for this, one of which is its simplicity. There are no complicated rules, you can easily learn to play this game. This factor is crucial when beginners choose this game.

Andar Bahar is deeply rooted in Indian culture, so in India it is not just a game but a part of cultural traditions. This fact definitely sets this game apart from other card games. Andar Bahar is suitable for those who like dynamics and fast exciting rhythm of the game. You can play several rounds in a short time.

And here are the steps you need to follow to start playing Andar Bahar:

  • First of all, you need to register on the King567 portal and confirm your registration.
  • Log in to the Cashier section and top up your gaming account.
  • Find Andar Bahar in the list of games.
  • Choose a gaming table that will match your betting preferences.
  • Place a bet on Andar or Bahar and wait for the result.
  • Receive the money in case of winning.

The thrill of live gaming

Playing with live dealers takes Andar Bahar to a whole new level. The professionalism of the dealers does its job, and the player gets the feeling of being in a real land-based casino. It is always more interesting to play for real, when live emotions of live people, not a machine, are playing against your aunt. The live interaction will appeal to both experienced gamers and absolute beginners.

Andar Bahar is a game that has its established traditions, however, experiments are also possible here. They make this game even more entertaining and give its classic form unique possibilities.

Tips on how to play the game

Playing Andar Bahar is a gamut of sensations, not only excitement but also an opportunity to show off your strategic skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, a clear understanding of the rules and the ability to think strategically will increase your chances of success. The helpful tips from experienced gamers below will also help:

Be sure to study the rules thoroughly. Even if you are familiar with other card games, Andar Bahar has its own peculiarities that need to be taken into account.

Keep an eye out for patterns that emerge as the game progresses. This is where you can spot trends that can influence your betting decisions.

  • Make judgements based on conclusions drawn after observing other players. Some players stick to only Andar or only Bahar throughout the game. Others use different variations. All of this pays off if you use these strategies wisely and not recklessly.
  • Manage your bankroll. Decide in advance how much you are willing to spend and stay within your budget. This approach allows you to avoid overspending your funds.
  • If you plan to use side bets, remember that they involve a certain risk. Therefore, do not overdo it in this direction.
  • Remember that emotions can cause rash decisions. Therefore, always try to keep cool and stay focused throughout the game.
  • Remember that in any gambling game, both victory and defeat are common. If today is persistently unlucky, do not try to win back. This can lead to a complete drain of the deposit.
  • Try different strategies during the game. So you will be able to determine the most suitable for yourself.
  • And it is also necessary to remember that any game is only entertainment. Do not consider it as an additional income. In the casino come to play, not to earn.

Andar Bahar King play


Can I play Andar Bahar from my phone?
Yes, this game is adapted for use on a mobile device. But here much will depend on the casino from which you play, somewhere there is a mobile version, and somewhere it may not be. If you will be using the King567 site, then it is absolutely certain that there is a mobile version. In addition, there is an option to download a mobile app. You can use it even when the official site is unavailable for some reason.

King567 has a licence?
Yes, this gaming club has received all the documents allowing its professional activity. The presence of the licence can be checked on the main page of the site, if you go to the appropriate section. All the necessary information about it is provided there. Also, the licensed game software is used here. A casino that has a licence and is controlled by supervisory authorities can be fully trusted.

Is it difficult to play Andar Bahar?
The rules here are very simple. The homeland of this card game is the south of India. It came from there from the depths of centuries. The essence of the game is guessing. If the player correctly guessed the location of the card, he wins and immediately receives the winnings to his game account.

Can I try my hand for free?
Yes, you can use the demo version. In this case, you do not even have to register on the casino site. Demo version is practically no different from the main one, except for the fact that there is no risk of losing your money, as the game is played on casino chips.